Software and Landscape Monitoring Tool​

Exploring software systems and landscape with Monitoring and Auditing beyond the borders​

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Why Using MonAx?​

As a software development company we know from heart what it means to develop, monitor, audit and run large soft- and hardware landscapes. That‘s why MonAx was built. We want to deliver value and help in the world of system administration of large landscapes. Existing tools are allowing to look into the data exchange between applications or show the hardware landscape. It can be explored which application is running where and how the performance is of the systems. But as soon you start to plan for gaining more performance or what that application really does ist is going to be more trial and error. MonAx creates a holistic overview about systems and their landscape, so that it is going to monitor real traffic in real time at the existing landscape. Therefor it is possible observe the whole landscape or it does makes it much easier to implement new software or update the existing one. MonAx is the powerful tool for monitoring and auditing. ​

There are older applications and there are hard to maintain. MonAx is going to create automatically an holistic and hierarchical overview of what the software does. Based on that the software can reproduced or partially maintained to keep the system running.

APM tools gives you an alarm which is unknown. Detecting the root cause is starting to get difficult and takes long time. MonAx immediately can point out new “applications” which are not supposed to be there. Or MonAx shows new microservices inside of a specific program which was not deployed as promised. In that case MonAx helps to determine whether it is a real security issue or not. ​

How MonAx helps?​

​MonAx enables to monitor, audit, develop and run large soft- and hardware landscapes with a detailled view into each and every application or hardware. Every data package can be monitored in that way that it can be followed throughout the whole landscape what it does and what are the actions that it causes. It goes down up to the last data file in a specific application. MonAx offers live monitoring of large software landscapes. In particular, the MonAx approach offers hierarchical visualization and multi-layer monitoring from landscape level to application level. MonAx provides mechanisms to acquire up-to-date (live) information that is consistent with the actual enterprise application landscape and information systems. Our tool introspects applications and information systems to a fine-grained level, and facilitates to improve the resource capacity in enterprise application landscapes by means of a control center.

What Does MonAx?

  • 360° View of the system landscape by using hierarchical visualization​
  • Cause research and traceability of the cause => Safe allocation to the corresponding causers no more ping pong
  • Integration with existing administrators Tools for e.g. Handover of security messages followed by cause research
  • Roll out verifiable all necessary terminals have been reached
  • Reproduction of existing software possible
  • "Old" software can be analyzed and become serviceable again​
  • Visualization of servers and applications and network components
  • Identification of dependencies and communication paths
  • Inventory of infrastructure and software
  • Documentation of all components
  • Root cause detection
  • Microservice monitoring
  • Resolution up to single data level
  • 3D representation of landscape and applications
  • Automated detection of performance bottlenecks